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Enjoy playing the piano
Professional piano classes Adult music classes

Enjoy playing the piano

Piano lessons for everybody around Leeds

There are no restrictions on who can play the piano. Musician Burgess offers piano lessons for all.

You can expect customised classes for children over 6 years old, and adults.

Lessons are developed and designed with the individual in mind.

I am hoping to offer lessons to very young children in the near future, time and training permitting.


Playing the piano requires a lot of practice and dedication, but with  help from an experienced teacher, it will ensure that you can become proficient at playing. To get the help of an expert tutor, get in touch with Musician Burgess today.

Do you have a piano?

It always helps to have your own instrument, and with piano, you can get acoustic or electric ones quite easily. Having these to hand will ensure that you can commit to regular practice and study alongside lessons.


If you're unsure which instrument will best suit you at whatever stage you are at, contact Musician Burgess today.

What you can expect

Your style of playing the piano

Are you interested in piano? Whatever your taste in music styles, Musician Burgess can help you. Whether you are looking to learn Jazz, classical, or even rock, you can get personalised lessons.

Do you want to take piano exams? Get in touch to decide which board you should choose.

For regular piano lessons in Leeds, call

0113 287 6126

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Get the professional coaching you deserve

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