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Let your child play
childrens tuition Music is fun

Let your child play

Music classes for children in Leeds

Music lessons offered by Musician Burgess are designed to suit different skill sets. Your child can expect friendly coaching and special attention regardless of their playing ability.


Learning a musical instrument can improve your child's academic skills, refine discipline and patience, cultivates social skills and boosts self-esteem. Give your child the opportunity to develop skills that not only benefits their musical career but their overall well-being.

Music is fun

Learning a musical instrument takes some work, but first and foremost, it should be fun! You can expect materials that suit your child's particular tastes, personality and learning style.


Learn to love and understand music by listening to different types of music played my me, Computers or other devices and by yourself (the most important thing to do all of the time)



  • Piano classes for children over  

       6 years old.                          

  • Customised classes

  • Flexible timings

  • Selection of exam boards

  • Friendly advice on instruments

Music theory

From notations and intervals to tones and chords, music theory taught by Musician Burgess covers it all.

Learn to write & read music using a composing mat, Manuscript paper, The musical scores you are using or a computerized course.


Taking GCSE, A Level or Btech?

As a qualified teacher I can help.

Just let me know which syllabus you are studying and what you would like me to cover.


Want to do it as part of the Scout, Guide or Duke of Edinburgh or other youth award schemes?

Let me know what you want to do and above all what you are aiming for.


For childrens music lessons in Leeds, call

0113 287 6126

Treble clef

Give wings to your child's dream

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