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Play like an expert
Express yourself Music classes for every skill level

Play like an expert

Music lessons to suit every skill level in Leeds

Most adults are absolute beginners when they come for music classes but still can learn how to play like a professional with the right practice and tuition. Adult piano tuition offered by Musician Burgess is tailored to meet your requirements and are flexible to your schedule.


If you are looking to get back into playing, Musician Burgess can cater to this by offering refresher lessons that can help you pick up your instrument again.

How to practice piano

With high quality, consistent and sincere practice for over a period of years, anyone can transform into a confident and competent piano player.


  • Adult piano tuition

  • Covering performances

  • Music theory

  • Aural and oral training

Express yourself

Learn to love and understand music by listening to different types of music played my me, Computers or other devices and by yourself (the most important thing to do all of the time).


Above, all learn to play the music you want to.

Learn various piano tricks and techniques. Be an expert!

For adult piano tuition in Leeds, call

0113 287 6126

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